Dexters Estate Agents

Before starting my journey in Dexters, I was working as a nanny. It was a job I loved but the career progression and earning potential just wasn’t satisfying. I was referred to Dexters by a fellow nanny, at the time estate agency wasn’t something I had thought about getting into. The more I heard, the more I thought I wanted to get stuck in. I sent my CV out to a number of agents, a few of which turned me down due to the fact I had no previous experience.

I was however offered a position in 2006 as a Trainee Consultant at Dexters. I loved the environment and learning a new industry, but when the market changed in 2007 I thought my best option was to go back to my previous job. How wrong was I!? Six months later with the property bug still engrained in me I came back to Dexters! I worked hard to learn, grow and progress to become a Board Director in our Surbiton office. Recently a new challenge brought me over to head up our ever-growing Client Research and Customer Care Team in our Pimlico Academy. I’m loving the chance to get my teeth stuck into another project.

Having worked at different levels has made me able to see the exciting parts of each role, from dealing with clients, getting deals, and winning instructions and now being able to work with my own teams. Thanks to the training and mentoring I received with Dexters, I can now take the same approach with my team and a large part of my role is helping them to progress their own careers.  

Dexters approach to customer service has helped me in work and in life; the way you deal with and treat your customers is reflected in the way they will treat you. This is a huge investment for the majority of people and being there through the process is the hardest yet most rewarding part of being in the property industry.

Finally, London is without doubt the world city to live and work in! My favourite landmark has to be Battersea Park, it’s pretty and great for my little one!