8.6 / 10

(based on 12 ratings in 2016)


"I haven't seen any discrimination in the company. I am non-British and feel I am treated very fairly."
Graduate, Northampton
"Nobody is left out at DHL. They employ people who can do the job."
Retail, Graduate, Bedford
"It's very diverse on the ground level. Less so as you move up currently."
Graduate, Coventry
"I'm part of the diversity forum for the business and can see the work being done to try and promote this. As always, more could be done."
Graduate, Milton Keynes


"I have not come across any diversity issues whilst on-site, the company employ people of all ethnicities and diversities and their policies are very strict."
Graduate, Glasgow
"As a global business we are very strong on diversity. I have not encountered any issues of discrimination in the workplace. It would be nice to see more women in senior positions, but I think this is an industry-wide issue."
Graduate, Rugby
"The business is quite heavily male-dominated (particularly in operations), but otherwise does not have any other diversity issues that I am aware of."
"DHL is keen to promote diversity in the business, celebrating World Diversity Week every year. On my site we specifically focus on things like differences in culture/country of origin but I know that there are resources available for LGBT and people with disabilities. DHL recruits from a wide range of backgrounds and won't stop anyone from applying for promotions within the workplace. Also many agency staff will get put onto DHL contracts after certain periods of time."
Graduate, Daventry
"The company is very good in this regard. Annual diversity day celebrations are held to celebrate the range of backgrounds that work within the company."
Graduate, Birmingham
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