The graduate recruitment process at Dixon Wilson

The graduate intakes at Dixon Wilson are in August and March. Only around 12 to 14 places in total are available.

Dixon Wilson's online application

Applicants fill in an online application form (which can be accessed via the 'Apply by email' button), which covers:

  • personal details
  • languages
  • positions of responsibility/awards
  • employment history
  • reasons for considering accountancy
  • reasons for considering Dixon Wilson
  • leisure and sporting activities

Candidates should note that there is a box asking, ‘If you have taken a gap year or there is a period of more than 3 months since graduation in which you have not been employed, please give brief details of this period and what you did.’ This implies that the firm looks for candidates who are constantly active in terms of personal development.

Candidates are also asked: ‘Have you previously been a student under a training contract? If yes, please give details.’

Your Dixon Wilson interview and assessment tests

Students who are successful at the online application stage are invited to an interview. This consists of a mixture of competency and motivational questions, as well as asking candidates about challenges they think Dixon Wilson may face in the near future.

Applicants also have to complete some numerical and verbal reasoning tests, and a separate written communication task. The verbal reasoning test appears to be something similar to an SHL or Kenexa test, whilst the numerical task is somewhat different, focusing more on basic mathematical principles and the ability to apply these.

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