Interview: Tips & Advice


"Application form, interviews, presentation, written exercises. Find something specific that interests you about the firm and be able to talk about that confidently – whether that be a specific sector or our offices in a certain jurisdiction."
First year trainee, Liverpool
"Application form and an assessment centre (accuracy test, business case study and a presentation based on your choice out of three topics). Take your time with filling the application as this is the first step to getting invited to the assessment centre. Prepare and carry out in-depth research on the firm and its role in the City. If you have any bad grades, make sure you have an explanation to show that this was a blip and you are strong academically."
First year trainee, London
"Knowing what being a lawyer involves is key, as well as having a good idea about the ambitions of the firm and a good demonstration of commercial awareness."
First year trainee, London
"Read the news and be prepared to talk about something you are passionate about. Even if you're not asked, try to work it in so you can steer the interview in the direction you'd like. There don't seem to be any set topics so interviewers will be happy to talk about whatever it is."
First year trainee, London
"The assessment day to get onto the vacation scheme consists of a business game where teams of about ten have to spend a day running a hypothetical business (usually retail). The aim is to test commercial awareness and your ability to work in a team."
Second year trainee, London
"Application form, telephone interview, vacation scheme, interviews and group assessments. Make sure you really tailor your application to DLA as they get thousands of applicants so you need to stand out. Focus on what makes DLA different. Read the website and read what the legal press and other companies say about DLA. Research current deals and changes."
First year trainee, Leeds
"There is an accuracy test, a commercial problem, a presentation and an interview. Just be yourself in the interview as the firm wants to know you as a person."
First year trainee, Sheffield
"The application process is an online form, telephone interview, written accuracy exercise, commercial awareness exercise and interview. Always be prepared to answer questions on why you have chosen that specific office and why DLA. The best preparation is to consider the impact of current affairs on our clients."
First year trainee, Leeds
"I did the vacation scheme route. It involved an online application form, phone interview, business game day and finally vacation scheme that included an interview, commercial exercises and attention to detail tests. My best tips are to be honest about your CV and experience, remember to be commercially aware about what's going on in the world, be yourself, and be passionate about the firm and why you want to be there."
Second year trainee, Manchester
"Research the OneUK policy, which is where regional offices do London work. The firm is big on its inter office co operation."
Second year trainee, Leeds


"To prepare for the interview show your knowledge about the firm, and their current initiatives, as they place great focus on this. It is important to show that you know about the international nature of the firm, but equally show commitment to the location that you are applying to, and this is especially important outside of London."
First year trainee, Leeds
"The best way to prepare for the interview will be similar for most legal sector interviews. Make sure you are well informed about what is going on in the news, particularly any topical issues - these don't need to be legally based, just current. Try and find out who is interviewing you, and gather knowledge about that person by asking around. It is key to build up a rapport during the interview, as the firm really hire people who are personable, so you need to get that across to them."
First year trainee, Birmingham
"Definitely know your audience: make sure you use the wealth of information to try and understand the ethos of the firm in terms of where it has been, where it is now and where it will be in five years' time."
Second year trainee, Liverpool
"There is a summer scheme and an assessment day (half day) or you can have an initial interview and a full assessment day. At the interview it is important to be yourself, know what the firm is all about, and what is happening in the world."
Second year trainee, Liverpool
"There is a vacation scheme at the firm, where if your application is successful, you partake in a business game which lasts an entire working day. I found that it was not possible to prepare for this, and candidates should be engaging, and show a positive attitude throughout the day. The assessment day for a training contract consists of a presentation to partners and graduate recruitment, which is followed by an interview. You should ensure that you are prepared to talk confidently about your presentation topic, and try to have engaging questions for the interviewers which showcase your knowledge of the firm."
Second year trainee, London
"I thought that the interview process was very good. The questions I was asked were a mixture of situational judgement, such as what you would do if a client called at midnight with a legal question. This was alongside questions about my CV and my personality."
First year trainee, Leeds
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