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Interview Questions


"I was asked why I wanted to work for the company and about my area of interest/study. I also answered a question on my areas of strength and weakness."
Graduate Trainee, Crawley
"Questions in my interview included asking me how I dealt with a challenging member of the public, how I helped someone who wasn't doing so well, teamwork related questions and how I dealt with a heavy workload."
Graduate Engineer, Various Locations
"I found that most questions were of the format: "Describe a time when...", and I had to discuss when I overcame a challenge in a project or had to resolve a conflict."
Graduate Trainee, Various Locations
"I had to show what I knew about the company and why I wanted to join it, and talk about a time I'd had to deal with a difficult co-worker."
Graduate Engineer, Paisley
"I was asked to prepare a presentation on my work experience and asked questions about what I did, what challenges I faced and what I have learnt."
Graduate Mechanical Engineer, Renfrew
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