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Interview: Tips & Advice


"Be clear on your ideas and suggestions when you are applying. The company will create a mock business case for you to engage with. I had general interview questions given to me in my interview. You should represent your value as an individual with projects you have done in the past and studies you have done"
Graduate Trainee, Crawley
"If you can, utilise your careers advisor within your university to get your CV and cover letter up to scratch. Then use the tools offered online by TARGETjobs about assessment centres. Also practise psychometric tests: the more you do the better you get and are able to understand trends and patterns."
Graduate Engineer, Various Locations
"When applying research the company website thoroughly. Know your own strengths and weaknesses and be honest about them, but I feel like it's more about HOW you answer questions, rather than the specific answers you give."
Graduate Trainee, Various Locations
"In your interview, incorporate the company's credo into your interview answers."
Graduate Trainee, Grangemouth
"I found that there was nothing out of the ordinary in the interview process. Just ensure that you're prepared; that you know your presentation and the subject at hand well; you've done the research on the company; make sure you dress smart and, most importantly, don't be late!"
Graduate Engineer, Paisley
"It's a standard online application. I would advise candidates applying to Doosan to be focus on three things: their strengths, and where they perform best; their motivation, and what attracts them to the industry, and their aspirations, where they see themselves working in two-five years. The best preparation would be to attend careers fairs and speak to current employees about the projects they have been involved in."
Graduate Mechanical Engineer, Renfrew
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