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Threat Evaluation Engineers, Physicists and Embedded Software Analysts

Up for the challenge of ensuring the defence and security of our nation and armed forces? We’re interested in speaking to you.

The Group
The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory is the science, technology and engineering arm of the UK’s Ministry of Defence. We are charged with understanding and addressing some of the most difficult defence and security challenges facing our country and our service men and women all around the world. Our group, the Threat Evaluation Group, is responsible for assessing threats and working out how to keep our people safe; the work is varied, challenging, highly sensitive (working at top secret research facilities) and hugely rewarding. No other job can offer you that feeling.

The Challenge

Imagine someone dropped a state-of-the-art sensor technology on your desk and asked you to tell them how it works? What if it was now part of a vast network of interconnected devices that needed to be disrupted? What if that system now incorporated an autonomous agent? And, having got your head round all of this, how would you brief an Air Chief Marshall in the Royal Air Force on the key information they need to inform a multi-billion pound procurement activity when you’re working to a tight deadline? These are just some of the daily challenges we face and we need the best and brightest people to help make a real difference.

The Reward

You’ll be joining a close-knit community of like-minded scientific and technical professionals working hard to achieve our mission. We’re not offering you a job, we’re offering you a career and with that comes development and progression. Not all our jobs have fixed grades and, as such, you can achieve promotion on merit. If you’re having the impact we know you can then you’ll get all the support from us to move onwards and upwards.
Our group is asked to address some of the most difficult scientific challenges you can imagine; there is no standard approach and we’re certainly not handle turners. We encourage creative thinking and innovative approaches and we’ll invest our own money to support you if you want to pursue a new approach to solving a problem.

Our group works collaboratively with a number of partners from across the world and, as such, you’ll potentially have the opportunity to undertake some international travel. Depending on where your career takes you, there might also be the opportunity to undertake a temporary transfer to one of these sites overseas for an extended period.

A degree in one of the following:

  • Physicists
  • Electronics Engineers
  • Control Systems Engineers
  • Aerospace Engineers
  • Computer Science
  • Robotics Engineers
  • Any STEM Degree supplemented with evidence to demonstrate embedded systems, programming and microprocessor knowledge

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