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As a leading energy supplier E.ON’s innovative evolution and customer centric focus provided an opportunity to test my ability in an industry with a prosperous future. E.ON’s presence in the renewables industry would allow me to gain wider exposure to suppliers on a global basis developing my ability to manage stakeholders and deal with E.ON’s internal businesses.

Why did I apply?

I firstly applied to E.ON’s Procurement Undergraduate Scheme because I felt it would give me vital exposure to potential career roles which I wanted to gain experience in. E.ON’s flexibility in allowing their undergraduates to gain exposure beyond the placement role itself meant I could network with colleagues throughout E.ON’s businesses to really understand what career path I truly wanted to take. E.ON’s supportive buddy system and strong undergraduate community was also an attractive prospect of the undergraduate placement. The idea of working on projects with a group of likeminded and passionate individuals whilst networking with senior colleagues and a graduate Buddy meant I could really gain an insight into the corporate world within a leading energy supplier.

What have I been doing?

The level of responsibility given to me during my placement so far has exceeded what I have expected. Meeting and communicating with suppliers both face to face and by telephone has given me experience which very few can refer to if they haven’t undertaken a work placement. Combining this with undergraduate and community projects has meant my first six weeks at E.ON has been one where I’ve learned a vast amount of technical details regarding the energy industry whilst working on building relationships in a working environment.

What was my best bit so far?

My best bit so far has to be the EC&R Development and Construction Team’s annual meet-up where category leads from multiple countries came together in Westwood to develop their category strategy plans and share their views towards their team working environment. As part of this we received team training which was amazing in letting me meet team members from Germany and the USA, whilst giving me my first real insight into how a global team is co-ordinated. The evening meal, drinks and hotel were also appreciated added perks for the day. A close second was the visit to our Tween Bridge Offshore Wind Farm where I could see truly appreciate the Wind technology used in the renewable sector and gain knowledge of E.ON’s history and current position within this sector.