Commercial Leadership

The Commercial Leadership Scheme at E.ON will power your future. Turning you from an ambitious graduate into a leader or manager of tomorrow.

We’ll give you true breadth of exposure to our business – from Analytics and Sales to innovative new technologies – so that you’ll be in a position to take up a senior management post. Be it within five years. Be it within three.

Over the next two years, you’ll have the chance to play to your strengths. Weaving the path of least resistance to management. The only thing for sure is that your first three months will be spent in a customer facing or Sales role, simply because there’s no better exposure to our business model than out there on the frontline.

After that, we’ll break your development down into a nine-month placement and a further two six-month placements. You’ll have the support of your mentor and Scheme Leader, who’ll help you to choose the best placements for you. Apart from that, though, it’s really down to you to shape your own growth.

Remember to mention TARGETjobs when contacting employers!