City scape

So, I was pretty adamant I would never do a graduate scheme. I wanted to apply to tech companies and start-ups. I applied to a fair few, and didn't really get anywhere, at which point my dad reminded me that I used to love trains. So, I applied to railway companies on a whim, including this one. 

I got through to the video interview stage, and really enjoyed researching the company. I then got through to the assessment day and was super excited to do it. I realised now, that I was pretty keen on joining, and the assessment day affirmed what I was feeling. 

I've loved the graduate scheme since I've been on it, we’ve been given a load of responsibility from day 1 and everyone respects us and the work we do. 

The projects you work on are really broad, and there is a whole host of other tip bits you can get involved with. I for one, have been lucky enough to run a companywide event, after I was involved the year before. Despite not being hugely experienced, people respect the fact that I asked to run it and that I am giving it a go. If you ask for things, take ownership, responsibility and lose the fear of failure, you will get along very well at Eurostar.

We also get amazing discounts, which makes a surprisingly huge difference.

Get in contact if you have any questions!