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Interview Questions


"Lots of competency questions, and the usual questions regarding: why law? Why this firm? What makes you stand out? There were no horrible surprises, but the questioning was very extensive and thorough."
First year trainee, Leeds
"Why Eversheds? Why law? I was also asked for examples of situations in which I'd demonstrated key competencies."
First year trainee, London
"Questions around my CV and then a legal and general business issue, which I found interesting."
First year trainee, Cardiff
"Competency-based questions during the initial interview stage. More in depth questions during the face-to-face interview."
First year trainee, Birmingham
"Standard commercial awareness and personal questions. Also, a lot of questions that focused on my motivation and 'fit' for Eversheds."
First year trainee, London


"I was asked to identify why I wanted to work for Eversheds in particular, in addition to why I wanted to work in law in Manchester. I had to show that I knew who Eversheds competitors are, and my knowledge of the current issues affecting the legal market. This was alongside various competency questions."
First year trainee, Manchester
"In my interview I was asked to show why I wanted to work for Eversheds, and what I could bring to the firm. We also discussed my past work experience."
Second year trainee, Nottingham
"In my interview I was asked to pick a business that is doing well and explain what the challenges are to that business."
Second year trainee, Leeds
"I was asked to name a company, their competitor and how you think the company should compete against their competitor."
Second year trainee, Cardiff
"During my interview there was a question about the impact of the base rate on the economy, and others about myself and my CV, including why I wanted to work for Eversheds. I was also asked to pick a company and talk about how they are surviving in the economic climate (in 2012) and how they can seek to increase profit going forward."
First year trainee, Birmingham
"I was asked to show why I wanted to work for the firm, why in the city that I had chosen and why I wanted to work in law. There were some commercial questions based on profit and loss too, and some that covered current commercial issues both nationally and internationally."
First year trainee, Birmingham
"My interview was very topical: I had to tell my interviewers about a business story which caught my eye this week and why, and about a case which caught my eye this week and why. I also had to answer various competency questions, such as identifying my strengths/weaknesses etc."
First year trainee, London
"My interview consisted of CV related questions, competency questions and commercial questions."
First year trainee, Manchester


"The interview consisted of mainly commercial focused questions and some regarding my CV and past experiences."
First year trainee, Leeds
"There were a lot of commercial awareness questions to do with base rates, profit at law firms and scoping of work. There were also the general questions such as why law/why this firm?"
Second year trainee, Birmingham
"I was asked to demonstrate commercial awareness and how a specific commercial issue would affect a global law firm like Eversheds."
First year trainee, Cambridge
"Questions that Eversheds asked included: which sector is most important to the firm right now? This was followed by in depth questions about the sector you picked and why? What is going on in that Sector? What strengths and weaknesses do the firm have in that area? Why law? Why this firm/location?"
First year trainee, Birmingham
"Obvious questions were asked in the interview, such as why Eversheds? Why law? Some competency questions like 'describe a time when you've analysed a large amount of information and produced a succinct summary.' There were also commercial questions like 'please describe the impact on the economy if the interest rate were to rise, etc.'"
Second year trainee, Newcastle
"A lot of the questions on the assessment centre were scenario based, working with other interviewees. But the interview itself asked things like, 'tell us about a legal story you have been following', 'what are you most proud of so far?' 'Why do you want to work for a commercial law firm as opposed to being a business woman?'"
First year trainee, London
"I was asked to talk about a recent news item that interested me and to describe the benefits or repercussions this had on Eversheds clients."
First year trainee, Cambridge
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