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Essential background reading for EY-Parthenon applicants

Before you apply to EY-Parthenon, spend some time researching what makes it tick. Its recruiters will expect you to have done this and be able to demonstrate knowledge of the firm at interview.

Understanding EY-Parthenon's relationship with the wider EY community would be a great start.

Services EY-Parthenon provides include: change management; competitive analysis; corporate and business unit strategy; cost improvement; econometric forecasting; marketing and distribution strategy; merger and acquisition strategy; due diligence and execution; policy development; systems design; pricing; sales force optimisation; and strategic resource allocation.

Examples of industries EY-Parthenon works with

  • private equity
  • consumer, retail and restaurants
  • education
  • healthcare and life-sciences
  • ​business services: wealth and asset management
  • oil and gas
  • technology, media and telecoms

EY-Parthenon also shares its expertise with the wider business community, hosting PDFs of 'thought leadership' on its site and regularly contributing to highbrow publications such as Harvard Business Review, the Financial Times and Forbes. At the time of writing, EY-Parthenon consultants have quotes in the FT and Times Higher Education.

EY-Parthenon's values

The firm sums up its values as follows. Your cover letter is your opportunity to show recruiters that you are a person:

  • who demonstrates integrity, respect, and teaming
  • with energy, enthusiasm, and the courage to lead
  • who builds relationships based on doing the right thing.
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