Fidelity International

Career Prospects

7.4 / 10

(based on 11 ratings in 2016)


"After the grad scheme, people seem to land really good roles."
"The graduate scheme lasts for two and a half years and then you roll off the scheme as a manager. That said, the rolling-off process is quite competitive and it can be challenging to find the exact right department. There's quite a traditional process when it comes to promotions otherwise."
Graduate, London
"Some people seem to do exceptionally well and move up quickly, it can take a little longer for other grads. Part of this is to do with what opportunities are available at the time you're due to roll off the grad scheme."
HR, Graduate, London
"It seems highly meritocratic and performance-based, with performance metrics being objectively measured and tracked over time. If your performance is good you move up, if not you don't – that's my impression of how it works at least."
Graduate, London


"This depends on the aspiration of the individual - Fidelity like to hire from within so if you have proved yourself a success, the opportunity of promotion is large."
Graduate, London
"Staff turnover is very low which makes career progression challenging."
Graduate, London
"I am on a graduate scheme at present, so the intention is to move on to a more senior position once I leave the scheme."
Graduate, London
"Sector rotation system lends itself to progression every two-three years to becoming a more experienced analyst that has looked at a number of industries. Typically good analysts can be promoted to fund managers after three successful rotations."
Graduate, London
"As graduates you get the opportunity to experience different roles and afterwards, by working hard and standing out you would be able to make your mark quite quickly."
Graduate, London
"The graduate programme is a 'fast track' so after two years it is quite easy to move up the ranks. For other employees this may not be so easy but opportunities are always created for very good performers."
HR, Graduate, Kronberg, Germany
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