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Fidelity International

Interview: Tips & Advice


"Make sure you have researched the role and the company. Be prepared for the presentation which is part of the assessment centre."
Graduate, London
"Make sure that you clearly understand the role that you are applying for, and are aware of the company values. Try and incorporate these values into your answers."
Graduate, London
"I would say research as much as you can on the graduate website, build up an understanding of the company and the industry and know the key factors which make Fidelity unique within the industry such as investing approach, corporate structure and learn about the unique business channel structure."
Graduate, London
"Have a stock that you know well that you think is a buy/sell and be prepared to justify that at interview. Keep abreast of recent market newsflow, key stories, etc."
Graduate, London
"Most importantly be honest and do your homework. Particularly when doing your presentation try to think outside the box to get information on the business"
Graduate, London
"Research the company very well as you need to know why Fidelity specifically. Vague answers that can be applied across companies won't cut the mustard!"
Graduate, London
"It sounds banal, but just be yourself and do not pretend to be something you are not. If you are a good match for the company culture and you manage to create a good chemistry with your interviewer you have good chances to be selected. Think about examples of you 'in action' that show your best qualities and of course read about the company and the industry."
HR, Graduate, Kronberg, Germany
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