Fidelity International



"The organisation can be slow to change."
Graduate, London
"It can sometimes be a high-pressure environment."
Graduate, London
"Not all departments are in the London office so some people are posted to the Surrey or Kent office. There's also a steep learning curve but this is probably the same at a lot of other first grad jobs."
Graduate, London
"I haven't had any rotations on my grad scheme."
Graduate, Tonbridge
"I know that the experience can vary a lot between individuals and programmes."
Graduate, Vienna
"The self-starter element can sometimes be a negative. While people will always make time to help you and talk to you if you ask, it is still a busy organisation and people have a lot to do. People might not always be able to check in on you if you're just being quiet."
Technology, Graduate, London
"An occasional lack of feedback on work."
Graduate, London


"I don't feel the the environment is fast-paced enough for me in this part of my current rotation."
Graduate, London
"Office locations can be less than ideal in some cases. There can be many channels through which a decision is made before being implemented."
Graduate, London
"Earnings season hours."
Graduate, London
"Having multiple offices in one country you could rotation to, makes finding a place to live more difficult."
Graduate, London
"Sometimes flexibility can be extreme and create uncertainty, but that´s just the other side of the coin."
HR, Graduate, Kronberg, Germany
"Hardly any social activities/clubs."
Graduate, Surrey
"Graduates are not always based in central London."
Graduate, London
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