Fidelity International

Offices & Dress

7.8 / 10

(based on 12 ratings in 2016)


"The location is perfect, right by St. Paul's. We have a business casual dress code with no tie."
Graduate, London
"We have great offices on Cannon Street in the City of London – no gym or canteen or other facilities, though. The dress code is business casual, ie a suit and tie is not required in the office. However, people tend to have a tie at their desk and wear it for any client meetings."
Graduate, London
"The dress code is good and has recently been relaxed so that we can wear what we want that allows us to do our job, ie if you're meeting clients you need to dress up but if you're not then you can wear casual clothes."
HR, Graduate, London
"The dress code is extremely casual for technology, especially for the non-London offices. The location of Oakhill is a bit far out but there are opportunities to work in London on occasion."
Graduate, Tonbridge
"Great location (next to St Paul's Cathedral), beautiful architecture and showers on-site. We could do with more spaces in the underground bike park though."
Graduate, London
"The offices are nice. They could be better but we're getting a new office in a couple of years' time."
Graduate, London


"Our offices are stunning - often in acres of land with nice country walks at lunch time. The dress code is formal business attire."
Graduate, London
"Large, open-plan offices that encourage communication. The dress code across all locations is formal business attire."
Graduate, London
"The dress code is smart - suit and tie for men. The company has shower facilities and generally good office spaces with plenty of room."
Graduate, London
"Very well located London office, good view of St Paul's Cathedral. You're never short of somewhere to get lunch round the office, or go for drinks post work, etc. The Surrey and Kent offices have restaurants on-site. The Kent office grounds are great in the summer. The dress code is formal business attire, but no strict requirement to wear a tie outside external meetings."
Graduate, London
"Most of the employees work in an open space (which has pros and cons). Almost all our locations are surrounded by a park. The dress code is normally quite formal, except for certain days when we can wear jeans and give a little contribute to charity."
HR, Graduate, Kronberg, Germany
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