Fidelity International

Relations with Management

8.8 / 10

(based on 12 ratings in 2016)


"Managers are very open about the performance of the firm and any possible strategic changes that might affect us."
Graduate, London
"I've had good mentors, good communication, good appraisals and good feedback (obviously this is manager dependent). We also get opportunities to sign up to lunches etc with senior management."
Graduate, London
"Some managers are better than others."
HR, Graduate, London
"My manager is very approachable and keen for me to develop."
Graduate, Tonbridge
"My line manager is always available and there is a catch-up once every two weeks. That said, they are generally very busy people."
Graduate, London


"End of rotation feedback/goals are recognised and important. Feedback and recognition has always been provided in my experience. Generally a very good atmosphere with very friendly senior staff members who always have time for you."
Graduate, London
"A senior member of the management team will be assigned to be your mentor from your first day. But you can approach other senior managers and ask them for advice, or to become your mentor."
Graduate, London
"Directors of research (your line manager) are very accessible and give honest and helpful feedback, always trying to make you a better investor. Feedback from fund managers is formally given twice a year, but they will praise you in between if you make them money."
Graduate, London
"Management interacts very well because of the non-hierarchical structure. Regular one-to-ones and feedback are also part of the routine."
Graduate, London
"I have several mentors, apart from my direct manager and they all take very good care of us graduates. They give us interesting projects to work on and they support us. Feedback is not continuous, but every time I ask for it I receive it, (I haven´t had my first appraisal yet)."
HR, Graduate, Kronberg, Germany
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