Fidelity International

Satisfaction with Work

7.6 / 10

(based on 13 ratings in 2016)


"I had a tough starting role and I think I spent too long in it. My further roles have come with good learning opportunities, though."
Graduate, Surrey
"You're given good responsibility and sector coverage from your first day."
Graduate, London
"You decide your day-to-day work flow. Typical work includes: modelling, writing notes, researching, meeting company management, pitching ideas to PMs, talking to industry experts etc."
Graduate, London
"I answer client queries regarding funds, and do data analysis and team projects to increase the efficiency of the team. I also send out event invites and write follow-ups for clients as well as supporting the sales manager with anything he needs help with."
Graduate, London
"I can sometimes be given a lot of admin tasks but I know that some rotations are better than others."
HR, Graduate, London
"My job has a steep learning curve that I'm working my way around. There were a lot of new systems that I needed to learn early on."
Graduate, Tonbridge
"The projects that I've done during my rotations are probably everything that a graduate can dream of – from strategic high-level product analysis to regional business development strategy."
Graduate, Vienna
"Lots of autonomy and responsibility from quite early on. You're entrusted with regular access to C-suite management of the companies you cover and a substantial research budget. You're left to your own devices in terms of how you go about using these resources to generate an edge in investment recommendations."
Graduate, London


"I help to manage a team of client services associates, which requires me to conduct one-to-ones and performance appraisals, monitor their call quality and ensure that client information is protected at all times."
Graduate, London
"I have been given a lot of responsibility and the chance to work on my own projects, which has been a good challenge for me. My day-to-day role is varied and I feel as though I am valued within the team."
Graduate, London
"My current role includes a large variety of different things, everything from speaking to clients to completing project work."
Graduate, London
"I have a certain amount of freedom alongside my responsibilities, but I also get all the support that I need at the beginning of my career, from my colleagues and from the organisation."
HR, Graduate, Kronberg, Germany
"Generally work is very interesting and rotating every six months means the variety of roles is large. I am currently working in one of the core operational areas."
Graduate, London
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