Fidelity International


8.9 / 10

(based on 12 ratings in 2016)


"Very good training programme with both internal and external teachers at the start of the role."
Graduate, London
"There's been lots of investment in our training, which I've found very useful."
"Training is good for soft skills. If you want technical training in your area of expertise, however, you have to be proactive and seek it out."
HR, Graduate, London
"There's extensive training but I've found some was unnecessary for my role."
Graduate, Tonbridge
"There was external training provided for accounting, finance and economics introductions. This was followed by a very good couple of weeks of internal talks from various analysts, PMs, DoRs and people in other areas of the business. A lot of practical aspects around how to do the job well are covered."
Graduate, London


"Training programmes very good and structured with external parties to assist - e.g. presentation practice, holding effective meetings."
Graduate, London
"Training continues throughout the graduate scheme, with department specific training been given each time you change rotation. So far I've been given various management and presentation skills training, which I have found to be invaluable."
Graduate, London
"People are always encouraged to learn more online and through interactive training sessions which are designed to be stimulating and informative."
Graduate, London
"Kaplan run an external training program. We also get further CFA training (all three levels) and in-house research training - this is the highlight. Very senior and experienced fund managers pass on their collective wisdom from ten yrs+ each in the market and this is a tremendous boost. Ongoing soft skills/presentation/Excel training."
Graduate, London
"The training curriculum for the graduate programme is very extensive and it shows once again how much the company is investing in us. After a three-week induction in London, we get the chance to participate in training every quarter on different skills (e.g. presentation and business communication)."
HR, Graduate, Kronberg, Germany
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