Fidelity International

Why your company?


"One of the best mid-sized asset managers in the city."
Graduate, London
"The brand reputation and the fact that it's one of the best asset management firms in the world."
"It's very well respected as a company and as a graduate scheme. There's good pay, good hours, good fun, challenging work and multiple opportunities that are good for personal and career growth."
Graduate, London
"The application and interview process was really smooth and well organised and the people I encountered in these early experiences made me feel like Fidelity was the place I wanted to work."
HR, Graduate, London
"The reputation of the employer and the structure of my programme."
Graduate, Vienna
"If you're interested in investment as a career, Fidelity seems to be quite an obvious choice."
Graduate, London
"Fidelity is privately owned with a focus on technology and has had a successful fund performance over past years. I also like the bottom-up, research-based investment approach."
Technology, Graduate, London


"The opportunity to rotate around areas as wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to do and it is a large, well established and highly respected company."
Graduate, London
"The future prospects and warm people that I encountered during the application process."
Graduate, London
"I was encouraged to work at Fidelity as it was the industry I wanted to work within and the graduate role provided great variety for me and the chance to work in a number of different areas, which is unique to the company. Also, with the graduate scheme being smaller there is a greater chance to make an impact and show your importance within the business."
Graduate, London
"I felt the company was a good fit for me, my skills and my goals."
Graduate, London
"The assessment centre was a lot of fun, compared to some other I attended and the offer was good."
Graduate, London
"Great graduate programme, rotations across business areas, international aspect of the company."
Graduate, London
"I was attracted more by the Graduate Programme then by the company itself. Then when I started to read about the company I had the feeling that their culture was exactly what I was looking for."
HR, Graduate, Kronberg, Germany
"Great reputation, competitive salary, fantastic career prospects and I liked the people."
Graduate, London
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