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7.30am: I set off from my home to the gym. I always find that an energetic workout puts me in a calm and composed state for the hectic working day ahead.

8.30am: I arrive at the office and have breakfast in our canteen downstairs. There is nowhere in the City that does better poached eggs on toast! I then get to my desk and scan the headlines of various news sites online.

8.45am: I check my emails to see if anything has arrived in my inbox which is urgent and needs dealing with. I respond to the relevant emails and make a to-do list of my tasks for that day.

9.00am: My supervisor arrives and we talk through the day ahead and what tasks need to be done. I typically work with a variety of partners and associates in both M&A and Equity Capital Markets. The whole team is very friendly, and the open plan office means everyone is very approachable.

9.30am: I am currently working on a deal which is due to close by the end of the day. It is a big acquisition which inevitably involves a mountain of paperwork! I discuss the matter with the associate and partner working on the case, and check that everything is in order for closing later.

10.00am: I arrange an all-parties call on another international acquisition. I have spent the past week conducting due diligence on the various contracts, checking for change of control and assignment provisions. The client has a number of questions which need to be answered.

11:00am: In Corporate, there are regular training sessions in order to get trainees up to speed as quickly as possible. Today's training is on Management Buyouts – an incredibly fascinating subject matter.

12:00am: It's time for our weekly Corporate European Call. The team gathers on the 9th floor meeting room. Our other European offices dial into the meeting, and the partners give presentations on various updates in the market. An associate then gives a talk on shareholder rights in a major High Court case recently concluded.

1.15pm: It is a rare sunny day! I venture to a swanky new salad bar that's opened up near Cannon Street, and then eat outside with the other trainees. I did my vacation scheme with the majority of the trainees in my intake, as well as the LPC, so a lot of us are really good buddies.

1.45pm: I am assigned some research by a senior associate to confirm a position with our client. This involves browsing PLC and reading several articles. Once I find the answer, I prepare a note to summarise my findings, which I pass on to the senior associate.

3.00pm: Ahead of the closing, the partner calls me into a meeting room to run through our documents list and our closing checklist. Emails fly in from the client and the lawyers for the other side. It is my job to collate the documents and put in the respective signature pages. It looks like everything is in order and ready to go.

4.30pm: I run the firm's mixed touch rugby team, and send out the weekly email to ensure we have a strong side for the upcoming game. We are gunning for the Regent's Park Trophy this season!

5.00pm: Closing time. We have a conference call with all relevant parties, and much to my relief, all goes off without a hitch. It is now my job to send out copies of all executed documents to the parties involved in the deal. I also am required to undertake all the post-completion requirements, such as creating a bible of documents, registering charges and various appointments/resignations on Companies House.

7.00pm: A number of the trainees head downstairs to the office bar on the ground floor. We catch up over drinks, and then move onto another bar in the City. I savour my fruit juice, safe in the knowledge that it has been a good day at the office.