6.7 / 10

(based on 29 ratings in 2014)


"There is a strong graduate network in place and support is available if needed. There are some historical cultural issues as a hangover in the industry but these have improved greatly over the last couple of years."
Midlevel, Manchester
"Due to the size of the business and its past reputation the culture can be quite negative in some areas. Saying that, the company as a whole is definitely moving in the right direction and attitudes and perceptions are changing."
Graduate, Southampton
"I work with some great people and made some great friends with ex-graduates during the scheme and afterwards. There is occasional office socialising and events. There tends to be a focus on long hours."
Midlevel, Leeds
"The culture is very traditional in the railway sense, and within my close team there is a good work ethic and team spirit. However, there can be a silo mentality and different departments struggle to work together."
Graduate, Manchester
"Everyone has a common purpose and strive towards achieving the company's vision and values and display the behaviours that are consistent with these. The company is adopting a regional structure, with clear communication channels and better team working roles. The people here are amicable and fun to be around."
Graduate, Glasgow
"The company culture varies. The graduate network is fantastic and the support network in and out of work is brilliant. You have to be tough though as parts of the company are trying to change the older culture and this is challenging."
Midlevel, London
"I have found that the hours are fair and reasonable; the staff friendly and welcoming. Some teams socialise and bond better than others. Hierarchy sometimes unclear although it looks to be improving. Generally you are supported with work if you ask for it."
Graduate, Glasgow
"I have found that people at all levels are very welcoming in the office. Day-to-day socialising post work is rare due the commitments and distances travelled. However, organised social and networking events are fairly frequent and worth attending."
Graduate, Derby
"FirstGroup is trying to move from a centralised, fixed office structure. At the moment, I would describe the organisation as being in transition. The office atmosphere is very much dependent on individual colleagues/teams, but the organisation makes a reasonable effort to make new employees feel welcome."
Graduate, Glasgow
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