Interview: Tips & Advice


"Demonstrating enthusiasm is key during the interview, as well as demonstrating the ability to adapt to a variety of situations as you will be working with the general public. I would focus on the most up-to-date corporate responsibility booklet and look at stakeholders."
Graduate, Bristol
"Be confident, go with interesting points to discuss. Research a bit about the company so you can understand where it came from and the direction it is heading. If you understand that, it is obvious what to talk about."
Midlevel, Manchester
"Be prepared for the interview and plan your actions. When you plan, there is more chance of covering every possibility and you will look professional and organised. Read about the company and have an idea of what the role entails - if such information is not available - call them up and ask! You have the right to know what you are applying for exactly!"
Midlevel, Reading
"Spend time at our stations, on board trains and buses to build up an understanding of what the business does, this will help gear your answers to the context of the company."
Graduate, Weston Super Mare
"Think of scenarios where you can show how you acted to fulfil the company vision and values."
Midlevel, Leeds
"Research the railway industry, and research people management skills. The more experience you have the better."
Graduate, Manchester
"Do some research into First Group for your interview; it is not looked on in a positive way when candidates turn up to interviews having not done any research. Be yourself, focus on customer service and safety and your willingness to learn, develop and continuously improve."
Midlevel, London
"Be yourself during the interview, it is a very grounded business. Honesty, enthusiasm and a bit of charisma are important."
Midlevel, London
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