"The workload can be tough."
Midlevel, Manchester
"It can be frustrating at times how the lack in structure sometimes means that everything is required yesterday. Project management principles should be applied."
Midlevel, Reading
"The work/life balance leans heavily towards work."
Graduate, London
"There can be a lack of forward-thought at times, as well as frustrations of budgetary constraints vs. growing business."
Midlevel, Leeds
"At times communication is poor - I don't work at head office, and find that head office implements things without telling us, and we then have to pick up the pieces."
Graduate, Manchester
"Occasional lack of effective communication between the Group and its subsidiaries."
Graduate, Manchester
"There is a certain amount of bureaucracy within the company."
Graduate, Glasgow
"For a large company it has quite a long way to go to get its processes a little more streamlined - although there are opportunities across the business at the moment the movement between them is quite informal."
HR, Midlevel, London
"The training is based nationwide so, at times, the travelling/working away from home is hard."
Graduate, Derby
"As a heavily regulated industry with several decades of history, some colleagues have a very fixed perspective. A new approach or idea is sometimes met with resistance."
Graduate, Glasgow
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