Why your company?


"I chose First as I had experience of working for the company in another role. The company is also a sector leader, which attracted me."
Graduate, Glasgow
"The prospect of working for such a large organisation and the opportunity to manage people. Lots of chances to progress if you are self-motivated."
Midlevel, Manchester
"I applied here because I got the impression that First was going through some exciting changes and I wanted to be part of that."
Graduate, Southampton
"I applied to First because it offers the chance to gain experience quickly and have responsibility."
Graduate, Bristol
"I wanted to work in the railway industry and FirstGroup was the largest owning group with a good graduate scheme."
Graduate, Manchester
"First is a leader in the market, the friendly and open nature of the employer was a big factor."
Graduate, Sheffield
"This company does the right thing. That matters to me. We know that the safety of our passengers an our employees is front of mind at all times. We never let this value slip. Knowing that we care in this way makes me proud to work for FirstGroup."
HR, Midlevel, London
"I chose First because the company looks after all its employees. Also, it is a massive company with plenty of internal opportunities in various fields."
Midlevel, London
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