Get the inside buzz from graduates at Foot Anstey

8.7 / 10 Overall Satisfaction
(based on 10 ratings in 2016)
"Supportive, friendly, skilled."
8.5 / 10
Formal Training
8.2 / 10
Offices & Dress
8.3 / 10
8.4 / 10
7.9 / 10
8.3 / 10
Pro Bono
6.0 / 10


  • The office is seen as being welcoming, supportive and professional.
  • A lot of effort is made to ensure that trainees receive a high level of both formal and informal training.
  • People at the firm are allowed a lifestyle hour outside of work each week that can be used however they like.
  • The work offered includes a lot of responsibility and client contact from the beginning of the training contract.


  • Some felt that firm-organised socialising was lacking, making it difficult to integrate when moving offices.
  • Trainee workloads may not be monitored as closely as they could be, which can lead to trainees being assigned too much too quickly.
  • The firm does not organise specific pro bono work.
  • Jobs offered to new qualifiers may not be in their first choice of location.

What insiders say about...

"A mix of interview questions, group presentation and an IT-based research task."

"Very friendly and supportive. While team days out and 'thank you' drinks are organised..."

"Excellent on-the-job training but legal training, in the form of talks on developments..."

"Very accessible. My mentor is a partner who sits opposite me."

"Open-plan environment with a formal but relaxed dress code."

"The firm is very flexible with the hours I work. Each week we are able to take full..."

"I am satisfied with my pay."

"The firm has recently introduced a relocation policy for trainees, which helps with..."

"My interviewer made up a fake client and asked me to sell the firm to them in 30..."

"We recently held a 'green week' in all of our offices that involved an inter-office..."

"We have a diversity group that meets regularly to implement policies and highlight..."

"Each seat is different in terms of exposure but all seek to give good-quality workloads...."

"Each member of staff is given two days per calendar year known as 'community days'...."

"The friendly and approachable atmosphere. From day one I've had a chance to get stuck..."

"You may be required to work in a geographical location you might not otherwise have..."

"As I was raised in the south west, I wanted to join a firm in the area that had ambitions..."

"Retention rates have been excellent in the past, which instils confidence."

"The trainees do a 'skit' each year at the Christmas party."

"Supportive, friendly, skilled."

"More seat choices. Though I believe this is indicative of most law firms."

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