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Application details

Award pupillages are generally offered to candidates of high academic achievement who are considered to have the potential to become tenants at Fountain Court. Successful candidates tend to have a first class degree or its equivalent.

Fountain Court is a member of Pupillage Gateway.

Mini pupillages are available in three periods: March/April, June/July and December.

For the 2017 Gateway pupillage applications round, it will not be a requirement for pupillage applicants in 2017 (for pupillage starting in 2018) to have completed an assessed mini-pupillage.

The mini-pupillages will last two days, during which time you will sit with one or two members and learn about life at Fountain Court Chambers. Although the mini-pupillage will not be formally assessed or be a precondition to taking part in the application process for 2018 pupillages, applicants for pupillage are strongly encouraged to apply for a mini-pupillage. We will pay £150 towards your expenses upon completion of your mini-pupillage.

For the 2018 pupillage application round onwards, mini-pupillages will be assessed and a required part of the pupillage application process at Fountain Court. Assessed mini-pupillages will last three days, during which time a piece of written work will be submitted as part of your pupillage application. Fountain Court will pay £200 towards expenses upon completion of your mini-pupillage.

To apply please email the application form, which can be found on the website, to Lucy Scutt at

Remember to mention TARGETjobs when contacting employers!