How did you get the job and why did you choose Franklin Fitch?

A friend of mine recommended Franklin Fitch to me and after speaking to Patricia I felt like I had a good overview of the role and the company. I chose Franklin Fitch essentially for the people and the buzzing environment. I think it was the atmosphere that caught me. I liked that everyone was super friendly and collaborative – which you don’t find a lot in very competitive industries like recruitment.

What does your role involve: typical activities and key responsibilities

It involves a lot of speaking to different people on the phone, finding out their motivations and needs, dealing with rejection and overcoming loads of obstacles. I love assessing candidates and matching them to the various opportunities! 

What kind of training do you receive?

I had quite a lot of training from day one – sales training, psychological training, sourcing and database trainings and of course technical training. I loved that next to our external trainer and my mentor we also got a in depth training from a network engineer! This really made me understand the technical side

How does your role in the company progress?

After 6 months in the business I will hold a presentation to display my knowledge of the market and discuss the plans I have for developing my desk. Also then I’ll officially be a consultant :) After that I aspire to hit my Senior Consultant target and develop into a leadership role. I enjoy bringing out the best in people and want to support and develop new starters.

What’s your highlight so far?

Definitely the relationships and friendships I built with people across the business in such a short time. Also of course my first deal! The candidate was so happy, the client was satisfied and I saw all my hard work paying off. From the commission I will go on a trip and travel!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Spending time with my colleagues and having fun while at work! I also like the competitive side, there’s never a dull day, you have to pick yourself up and you’re constantly challenged. I love to get out of my comfort zone and can already see how my skills have developed further.

What difficult situations have you faced and how did you overcome those – what support has been provided?

It’s always tough to get rejected or having to overcome obstacles but I feel so supported by my managers, my mentor, trainers and especially both of our directors every day. I didn’t expect senior stakeholders to be that involved in my development but I get so much input and encouragement which is extremely unique in the workplace. 

What advice would you give other graduates?

Of course, first of all know about the challenges and perks of the job but once that decision is made - make sure you find the right company culture for you. The first few months are tough as you are learning the job and working towards success but the success usually doesn’t come right away. In the beginning, you might feel like you give more than you get but later on it definitely pays off. So if you’re willing to work hard with lovely people around you and can cope with rejection then recruitment is for you! I really enjoy coming to work as it is a lot of fun and I can already see the progression I made!