Frontier Economics

What 4 words would you use to describe Frontier? 
Intellectual, friendly, collaborative, driven

What does your role involve: typical activities and key responsibilities:
I work on a variety of tasks in my role as an Analyst – right from building models using Stata and Excel, drafting sections of reports and making presentations for clients. I can choose the extent of responsibility I want to take on my task, and often can present my analysis to the client. I also can choose to undertake additional responsibilities like planning social events and doing pro bono work.

What training have you received:
Frontier places a huge emphasis on training the new analysts in both quantitative and qualitative skills. In my first year, we’ve had numerous training sessions on using quantitative tools like Excel, Stata and Bloomberg. This was accompanied by soft skills training on working with and presenting to clients, writing workshops and well as time management sessions.

What do you enjoy most about your role as an Analyst? : 
I enjoy applying economic tools and theories to solve real-world problems, and tweaking assumptions to see how real-world outcomes could potentially be impacted. I also think the opportunity to work in such diverse sectors and on various projects is quite unique.