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What is your role in the team? 

I provide investigative support on projects by analysing accounting and financial data. This allows the project team to build up a picture of what has transpired, which can then later be used as evidence in court.

What are your main responsibilities on a day-to-day basis? 

I usually perform detailed analysis and summarise my findings for senior management. On certain cases, I’ll be required to review email communications and other electronic documents to identify whether there is any correspondence that could be relevant to our case. Depending on our overall objective, I will usually write these findings up for use in a report for either the client or the courts. 

What is your greatest achievement/proudest moment/highlight so far? 

My highlight so far is when I flew out to Africa to work on a high profile fraud investigation. Working for an extended period in a new country was very exciting and the nature of the case proved extremely interesting. 

What training have and support have you received so far? 

FTI offers you the opportunity to pursue the ACA qualification at the same time as learning on the job, which is a great way to gain a strong understanding of accounting, finance and commerce in general – all the things you need to become a successful forensic accountant. FTI also provides a generous study leave package which gives you plenty of time to prepare, and ensures you’re ready for your exams.

What attracted you to FTI’s graduate scheme? 

The graduate scheme at FTI seemed like a great place to develop my professional career. It offered me an opportunity to work on a number of high profile cases with various experts in the industry. At the same time, training and development was heavily emphasised within a friendly environment which appeared to make it a very attractive place to work (and this has been borne out in practise!).

What sort of people do you work with? 

We often work with lawyers to conduct our investigations, or we may work directly for a corporate and thus need to work alongside the finance team or with senior management within the company. In some instances, we may also work with financial regulators to assist in cases that could potentially be criminal, so we work with a wide range of the business community at all levels.

How did you come to be on this graduate scheme?

I was looking for a profession in finance that would offer me the ability to solve complex problems in a variety of different situations. I felt that the FLC graduate scheme at FTI would be a great environment to do this and so I decided to apply. Through the application process I quickly determined that the profession and the firm was exactly what I was looking for, and hence decided to accept the offer when it was forthcoming!

What have you been involved in outside of the day-to-day?

I’ve had the opportunity to attend networking events where I’ve been able to see industry experts talk on various fraud-related topics, and also meet lawyers who specialise in similar areas. 

What do you most value about working at FTI Consulting? 

I value the depth and variety of the work. It always keeps you guessing as no two jobs are ever the same, so you find yourself constantly adapting to new problems and environments. This ultimately provides a great platform for learning and development within a very niche yet fascinating industry.