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What is your role in the team? 

My role in the team is to support our clients in their goals to manage and comprehend their structured data. More specifically, the team produces solutions to clients requiring in-depth analysis of large and often disparate sets of financial, operational and transactional data.

What are your main responsibilities on a day-to-day basis? 

The nature of the work really varies depending on the needs of the client. There is no typical day! I might be automating a complicated technical process in one project or creating a bespoke tool using Python Programming Language to address one of our clients’ unique problems. Often though, I find myself working with other teams to identify that needle in the haystack – the useful information they’re really looking for in their masses of data, and this often involves querying SQL databases.

What is your greatest achievement/proudest moment/highlight so far? 

I was once tasked on a project in Milan which required me to process various formats of data file and convert them into our standard format. The files of interest contained large amounts of transactional information stored in several proprietary archive formats. Each file type had a repetitive structure which allowed the relevant information to be extracted by writing parsing scripts which took advantage of this regularity, and output the data in a form that we could more readily use in later analysis. I had to quickly learn and be able use several new technologies, completing what was a challenging task under an extremely tight deadline. It was a great learning experience, and I suppose the food in Italy wasn’t too bad either!

What training have and support have you received so far? 

Shortly after joining I enrolled in the company’s FTI University training programme, which involved me flying out to America for a week to learn about consulting engagement fundamentals and develop my SQL knowledge in a classroom environment. I have found the most valuable source of information however to be my team, who are always eager to impart their knowledge and experience. 

What attracted you to FTI? 

I was drawn by the opportunity to develop my technical and consulting skills doing interesting work for a reputed company that really invests in their people.

What sort of people do you work with? 

I work with everyone in my team, who are a diverse group of motivated and talented individuals with a broad range of skills and capabilities. Our clients tend to be internal, meaning we often work closely supporting professionals from across the firm, but we also have external clients such as law firms and financial institutions. 

What have you been involved in outside of the day to day? 

Our team does a great job of staying connected outside of the office. Some of the activities we have organised include dinners and drinks, go-karting, film nights, indoor golf – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Last year we went on an away day to Portugal! 

What do you most value about working at FTI Consulting? 

I value the very diverse group of people I work with, and the fact that we are given autonomy to complete work in the way we see most appropriate.