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Katie studied History at Warwick University, before completing a Masters in Communications

What is your role in the team?

As a consultant in the Financials team, my role is to support the directors and senior consultants on the client teams that I work on. A consultant’s job is basically to have your eyes peeled and ears to the ground for any news on the team’s clients, competitors or the space they operate in more broadly. The graduate scheme prepares you for the role by giving you a flavour for the industry as a whole, letting you be a sponge in the media landscape of anything from financial services, to corporate property or the retail sector.

What are your main responsibilities on a day-to-day basis?

A typical day for me will start with my round-ups for two of my clients, who like to see daily reports of their international media coverage, and digestible news summaries from the sector. I might then pick up the phone to the analysts who cover a client, in order to compile a feedback report following their financial results. Research on prospective new clients, writing briefing notes for meetings with journalists, and even pitching stories to the journalists in the first place all make up daily tasks you’ll be expected to complete.

What is your greatest achievement/proudest moment/highlight so far?

I always find it most rewarding when you have complete ownership over a task or project. One example of this was a daily tax report I used to do for a large client. Digesting how corporate tax scandals were playing out across the nationals, tabloids and online on a day-to-day basis, and providing a summary that I was completely responsible for producing and sending to the client was exciting, and gave me the opportunity to see a communications issue right up close. Positive feedback from satisfied clients, as well as the trust this earnt from the FTI team, was really rewarding.

What training and support have you received so far?

We received a series of different training sessions throughout the graduate scheme. From how to use a Bloomberg terminal to draw out share price data, or finding news on Reuters, to how to handle particularly difficult media, every aspect of being a consultant is taught from the ground up. There is definitely an ethos of ‘there is no such thing as a stupid question’.

What attracted you to FTI's graduate scheme?

I was attracted to the graduate scheme for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is a highly reputable firm, with a roster of exciting clients (from FTSE 100 household names to smaller companies with enormous growth potential) and a wealth of experienced sector teams to learn from. This makes the 10 month graduate scheme dynamic, exciting, and with a steep learning curve no matter your academic background. The role itself is perfectly suited to graduates with a combination of strong verbal and analytical skills with an outgoing personality.

What sort of people do you work with?

Being open to working with a range of different people is really key in the job. Every week I will interact with dozens of people within the company, manage client expectations, build relationships with journalists, and try and elicit client feedback from analysts. Meeting other people within the industry at sector seminars or networking events is also a really interesting part of the job.

How did you come to be on this graduate scheme?

I found FTI through looking at different communications / PR graduate roles online. FTI looked like the most exciting opportunity in terms of breadth of clients and international outlook, which is why I chose to accept their offer ahead of the others!

What have you been involved in outside of the day-to-day?

Away from the desk, FTI offers a host of different opportunities to get involved in. There are frequent seminars from experts on current affairs and political issues to go along to which are always really interesting. If you’re into sports, there are company football and netball teams which are good fun, as well as the company tennis day and annual participation in the JP Morgan run.

What do you most value about working at FTI?

I think it is the people that really make FTI great. Everyone is so driven, which creates a really motivating environment to work in. A commitment to providing excellent client service, and finding new ways to go above and beyond what is expected is what I personally find most valuable about working for FTI.