I applied for this job through the company's website. Then I followed a written test and a series of onsite interviews.

I chose this company because it uses C# as its main programming language and out of interest for distributed system in finance.

After the graduate training has ended, the role is identical to one of a regular developer. Work is done is small teams, where everyone shares responsibility of the project and everyone is equally of improving and supporting a project.

The graduate training consists of a couple of weeks where the grads are doing one week of financial training, one week of C#. Afterwards the grads work together as one team on a dummy project where they are introduced to the workflow and coding style of the company. They learn how to use the in house tools and how to work as a team.


  • Ability to visualize an order book and its evolution throughout the trading day by integrating an in-house visualization tool with the market data file parser.
  • Was scrum master for one sprint.

I have the opportunity to learn a lot from my team mates and also the ability to learn new thing. We have dedicated time for exploring and improving our skills in areas we like. The work environment is relaxed and everyone is friendly and receptive to new ideas.

Difficulties arise when trying to understand the bigger system and to solve support issues or add new features to them. These have been overcome by reading documentation, experimenting with the system and understanding how it works and by asking other team members for clarification or history of the systems.

Some of the perks include: end of months drinks, weekly sports/exercise activities such as football, running, yoga. Occasional board game nights and other events.

Teams are encouraged to showcase their achievements and discoveries which allows me learn new things every day.