How did I end up here?: Connection on LinkedIn referred me, had a test and two sets of interviews before being offered the role, process took about 10 days from start to finish.

How Relevant was my course?: From a task standpoint not immediately relevant due to all the proprietary parts the company, however wide spread theoretical knowledge provided by a computer science background was invaluable in being able to understand all aspects of my role to a reasonable level.

Typical Day?: I think what makes the role so appealing at an early stage in my career is that there isn’t a typical day. There are many different shifts within the role which expose you to a lot of different areas of IT such as monitoring and troubleshooting, software and hardware maintenance as well as user and infrastructure support. It allows you to grow into what interests you instead of risking ‘pigeon holing’ yourself into one field so early in your career.

How has role developed? : I have been given the opportunity to travel to support remote sites which provides a nice week out of London. I was sent on a Microsoft training course after a couple of months which shows the company’s commitment to providing training for furthering my personal development. I’ve recently started getting involved with Linux infrastructure which has been very refreshing as it’s something that is a great passion of mine.

Career ambitions?: My Career ambitions are to carry on learning through training and certifications, my passion for both infrastructure and development is guiding my aspiration to work in a DevOps style environment. IT support serves as the gateway to move along within the company to the fields that most interest you while you get to know them through supporting them.

What do I enjoy?: The IT support team is a fairly young team so it’s easy to find common interests with my co-workers. It also makes the already bustling social side of the company more enjoyable with regular company outings for food, drinks and many other opportunities including this year’s weekend trip to Dublin!

Challenges?: The varying shift patterns and occasional weekend work can feel demanding at times and the first two weeks is very difficult to wrap your head around a very specific way of doing things. Coming from a UNIX background to a largely windows based environment also proved not challenging , but hard to adapt to.

Best things about this Sector?: While I cannot go into specifics , I feel very well looked after. There are always opportunities to learn new technologies which further enhance career prospects. The fast paced nature of the work here means that you are never stuck in a rut, there is always something to do and the next challenge is always waiting around the corner.

Advice?: The best piece of advice I can give anyone who would like to get into this career is to develop a keen interest in systems administration outside of their university studies as well as most courses do not teach a lot of the practical skills involved in the role.