I joined G-Research in September 2014, right after I finished my undergraduate degree in Computing at Imperial College. It was my first proper job but not my first experience developing software in finance. I had previously done a summer internship with MarkIt and a 6-month placement with Morgan Stanley and, at that point, wasn't at all excited about the idea of working for a big corporation. It all clicked for me when I came for interviews at G-Research. I enjoyed every technical and non-technical chat I had throughout the process and quickly got excited about working with the people I met. A year and a half down the line, I can say that being surrounded by such talented crowd has been the biggest source of motivation to improve that I have found so far.

Now I am part of a team which provides software tools to improve the developer workflow in the company. We started as three but we have more than doubled in size since. The atmosphere in the team is very laid back and everyone gets to put new ideas forward so we end up doing a lot of greenfield projects. I have done one myself. We also like to meet for a beer after work and go on the company organised weekends away.