City scape

I chose to work at G-Research because of its reputation for great technology and culture. I felt that the application process was very fair and well-organised whilst being fairly challenging. I was convinced to accept my internship offer because I knew I would be working alongside some of the best in the industry. Day to day I design solutions to hard business-problems and then implement them in programming languages like C#. Training is mainly done on-the-fly by being given responsibility over meaningful work starting from the first day. There is a lot of support from mentors and other team members in order to make sure you aren't stuck on something business-specific. There are occasional presentations and seminars on specific tech or other business processes. I most enjoy the culture of the company - the casual dress code, feeling of adding value to the company and the approachability of others. I've faced mainly technical challe! nges during my internship and have overcome them through continuous iteration with my mentors and team-members; the approach to software development here is very agile and driven through constant collaboration. I would definitely recommend G-Research as I think it's a great technology firm with a lot of scope for learning and becoming a better engineer.

Before applying you should know, you will be expected to take responsibility for meeting important business needs, even as an intern, and that's a great feeling. The theatre trips and annual weekends away are amazing too!