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I chose to work for G-Research because some of my friends had worked there and had great things to say about the company, as well as the fact that I'd have the opportunity to work in a team I was really interested in (secure architecture). The entire application process was better than all previous application processes I've experienced. This was mostly due to the speed of feedback on decisions being made but also just a general feeling of being valued during the process. My role mostly involves the development of security software, both for new projects and for adding new features to existing tools. Most of my training has come as part of completing my projects, whether this be feedback on code reviews or in design discussions which is what I expected. I most enjoy the responsibility of being the driving force behind the development of some important projects and the fact that all the projects I've worked on actually contribute something to the company. A stand out moment here has been when I presented the findings from my research project to other interested developers (which was popular enough that I ended up presenting it twice). I would definitely encourage my friends to apply for G-Research as it is such a nice work environment where people really respect you and value your contribution, even as an intern.