City scape

I chose to apply for G-Research because I enjoyed the presentation given by Dom Snook at my university, and found myself extremely interest in the FinTech industry. I found the interview process rigorous and tough, considering the number of interviews and the test. However, it was a pleasant experience none the less and one which I feel is good to experience for the future. I was convinced to join G-Research because I was really interested in the field of work, as well as the scale of operation. The cutting edge technology that I knew they used here and the centralised location also played a large part in my decision. My role involves ensuring upkeep and uptime on servers, locally and remotely in addition to day to day support for the business, audit checking and monitoring alerts. We were put through two weeks of presentations and guides, and practice questions. Then a week away to further learn windows infrastructure. It was extremely usef! ul, if slightly overwhelming at times but the help and support from others meant this soon washed over. I have really enjoyed my year at G-Research because the role, my team and my manager were all great and I cannot wait to come back. My favourite part about working here has been being able to take sole responsibility for the development of a new on boarding process for our team, which is now extensively used for all new members joining the Service desk team. Above all I really enjoyed the working environment and the people that you interact with daily and I would definitely recommend G-Research as an employer to a friend. The subsidised gym membership, location and monthly drinks are definitely part of this reason!