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Satisfaction with Work

8.5 / 10

(based on 8 ratings in 2017)


"I generally spend almost all of my day programming. I work in a team that helps the company to research and predict returns in financial markets."
Intern, London
"I have been given the task of writing multiple high-availability HTTP services within a shared-code team, which provides a development framework for all of the other developers in the company. My team mainly manages a custom in-house build and testing system that the whole company relies on every day to develop software for the company. My day-to-day role involves designing solutions to meet various business needs and then implementing them in their entirety using programming languages such as C#."
Intern, London
"There are a lot of emerging technologies used here so you get to try new things and develop new skills in a lot of different areas in your day-to-day work. There's a mix of development, research, design discussion and helping others out with problems they're trying to solve. This all means that you aren't stuck behind a desk all day and can easily get some variety in what you do."
Intern, London
"I'm quite satisfied as the work is interesting and exciting. Not all of the requirements are clearly specified and they can change, but that's the general trait of software development. My role includes creating software for other departments in the company. We have stand-up every day in the morning and regular team meetings."
Intern, London
"My current project is quite interesting and has some very clear benefits for the company. It's also allowed me to learn about different technologies and has given me some ideas for my final-year project back at university. My day-to-day role is a mix of programming, design discussions and learning things from both my peers and resources on the internet."
Intern, London, UK


"I have been given a lot of responsibility with things that matter to the business and they value both the work carried out and the feedback given. The work is challenging and rewarding and subsequently work is an enjoyable place to be."
Graduate, London
"Active development and involvement in team decision making as well as support work and roles. I actively help to develop new software and improve existing systems."
Graduate, London
"Interesting projects mixed with some legacy code-related tasks that I don't enjoy as much."
Graduate, London
"Day-to-day InfoSec Operations that you would expect with a security conscious organisation."
Graduate, London
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