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10.0 / 10

(based on 4 ratings in 2016)


"I integrated very well within the team, with constant feedback fed through management and senior members of the team."
Placement Student, London
"Interns are treated no differently to full-time employees. In fact most full-time employees at G-Research won't actually know you are an intern unless you tell them directly. The exposure you are given and the responsibilities you are trusted with while working at G-Research come as a surprise and a challenge at first, but go a long way to helping develop your knowledge and skill set."
Placement Student, London
"I've fully integrated within the team and am treated in the main as a full employee. There's a great wealth of experienced colleagues around the team that are always happy to help and offer advice. Plus I have an approachable and enthusiastic manager, always happy to give advice and help develop my professional skills."
"Excellent support, immediate and helpful feedback. I feel highly valued as part of the team in terms of doing the same work as colleagues who are not interns."
Intern, London
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