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Galliford Try is an excellent company to work for as a graduate as they have a dedicated Future Talent team who will guide you through the first few years as a graduate. I was initially recruited as a business analyst on a temporary basis and was then was recommended for the graduate finance position. I feel that this shows the company considers both internal and external candidates for the scheme if the correct qualifications are there.

The finance graduate program at Galliford Try is ideal for me and works on a rotational basis of four nine month placements. I have so far had the opportunity to work in several departments in some of the businesses centralised functions such as Finance Systems, Group Tax and Financial Accounting. The rotational programme is designed for graduates to gain exposure to a variation of areas within finance and develop strong relationships with a range of stakeholders across the group. At the same time I have been able to gain a personal understanding of what areas I have more of an interest in which enables me to think about what permanent finance role may be most suitable for me on completion of the programme.

In addition to the on the job experience, there is the opportunity to attend various workshops which help you develop personally and professionally. In addition to these workshops you will receive assistance in obtaining a membership to a relevant professional institution or body you choose.

One of the things I enjoy most about my role is the different types of people you work with both internally and externally. My work colleagues play an important role in enjoying my work as they are the people I spend a large proportion of the day with and therefore feeling part of the team is important as you work towards the same goals. In addition to this the type of work I carried out on a daily basis was also important. I get satisfaction in doing things that I feel make a difference rather than just doing tasks because I have been instructed to do so.