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I saw the job advert online and was immediately interested in the role because of the sustainability element. As I studied environmental science at University, sustainability was a large part of the course, so I felt that I had the knowledge to apply for the position.
Initially I didn’t know a great deal about Galliford Try but after some research I found that environment and climate change was a key fundamental of the business, which is something I am very passionate about.

Typical Tasks

As a Health, Safety and Sustainability Advisor most of my time is spent out on site in the fresh air! I am responsible for carrying out HS&S reports for each of my sites; this involves observing the works taking place, followed by a review of documentation to make sure Galliford Try standards are being followed and ensure legal compliance. I also attend pre-start meetings to discuss upcoming projects and provide training at site level e.g. spill response training.

Galliford Try are very good at providing training for new graduates. All new starters have to attend training which introduces the Galliford standards and forms on the business management system. Basic Environmental Awareness training is also a must for new starters. Then, depending on individual requirements, other training is allocated, I recently attended temporary works training. I am also undertaking the Galliford Try Graduate Development Programme, a series of six modules that focus on personal training and development. Modules include project management and financial awareness. The course is not only an opportunity to develop myself but also allows me to network and build good relationships with the other graduates.


One of my highlights was my very first Site Safety Environmental Review. This was the first time I was unaccompanied during a site visit and apart from being a little nervous, I was grateful that I was given the opportunity. I now have 6 of my own sites where I am the designated HS&S Advisor. I very much enjoy the flexibility of the job. Generally I am never in the same place two days in a row. I can work anywhere across the South East of the UK; London, Surrey, Sussex, Kent, depending on where the site is. I am able to manage my own diary and allocate site visits to fit around any training or courses I have to attend.


The biggest challenge for me was learning the health and safety side of the role. I was confident with the sustainability side but had very limited knowledge of the construction industry. However I was given a huge amount of support from the other advisors in the team who allowed me to visit sites with them. I was also put onto the NEBOSH Construction course by my Line Manager which gave me the qualifications needed to be a HS&S Advisor.

Why I like working for Galliford Try

I love the flexibility of the role and I feel Galliford Try has given me a platform to progress my career and perhaps reach management level in the not so far future. One perk of being a HS&S Advisor is that I sometimes get bought lunch by the site management team, which is generally a nice fry up or bacon sandwich!!!