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I was successful in obtaining a graduate role with Galliford Try by initially applying online, which resulted in carrying out psychometric tests. I was then invited to conduct a telephone phone interview and finally a face to face interview. I was then offered the job of a Technical Graduate on the same day I attended my interview.

Once I had accepted the role I was eased into how the company conducted itself by shadowing various members on an assigned project. Freedom was given to me to choose what area to assist with. When shown to be competent in a chosen area, trust is provided to allow you to make develop within a role. Formal training consisted of the Graduate Development Programme with six two day modules focusing on different aspects of management and behavioural tools. In addition, there have been opportunities to attend technical training workshops such as SMSTS, SEATS and BREEAM. However, I found on the job experience to be the best training and grounding.


Highlights of my work was achieving BREEAM certification for several projects. This was a challenge given a multi-location team and having to learn on the go what evidence is required.


Challenges that I have faced was in the beginning my lack of technical knowledge. Not fully understanding industry terms made following certain conversations difficult. This was overcome by attending courses but also by simply asking questions: “This may be a silly question but…”

What I enjoy about my role

I really enjoy the day-to-day variation of the work. Some days I will be on site, others in the office or visiting a subcontractor. Also, the project team work well together as well as being friendly and enthusiastic.

Top perk of the job would have to be the Projects I have been involved in.  They have given me that personal ‘feel-good factor’ as they have provided benefits to low-income communities.