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I went to QUEST sponsorship interviews in September 2012 a month before I started university. Following that, Galliford Try offered to sponsor me through university with a graduate job. I was interviewed by multiple construction companies but Galliford Try stood out due to its people focused nature, unique business model and its impressive rate of growth.

Typical responsibilities -

I started work on a highways project as BIM Champion nine months ago. Since then I have been responsible for producing the BIM Strategy. When I started I was a site engineer and knew nothing about BIM. Since then I have researched three and four dimensional modelling. The focus of this was on how these tools can improve safety, production, sustainability, customer satisfaction and reduce the cost and waste from the project. Now the Strategy has been devised I am responsible for delivering it, which includes setting up and trialing new electronic form systems and discussing with different construction sites what issues they have encountered and whether they could be avoided as part of the BIM Strategy.

Training -

As part of the graduate scheme I have received training on project management, cash flow, leadership, behavioural studies and time management.

Outside of the programme I have been to environmental awareness training which was focused on how construction sites, and we as individuals on them, can reduce the impact we have on the environment. In addition to this I have also attended health and safety training.

As part of my training at Galliford Try I have been given a Supervising Civil Engineer (SCE) to monitor what I am doing and advise me on my route to gaining professional accreditation. My goal is to become chartered by the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE). With my SCE I have created a Development Action Plan which sets out what I want to learn in the upcoming 12 months and how I will go about getting the relevant experience and knowledge. I also help out in STEM events at schools and attend ICE talks to ensure I cover all of them.

Highlights -

The best part of my role is that it’s very people facing. It has enabled me to visit multiple sites, in a short space of time and build relationships with a range of people. A highlight of my role so far has been being informed that my BIM Strategy will be presented to members of our client’s executive board, including members of Her Majesty’s Cabinet to encourage them to grant funding for further investment in BIM.

What I enjoy most about my job -

The two best parts of my job are the innovation and being able to make a difference. Unlike with Building project, BIM is still in its infancy in Infrastructure projects. This means that implementing BIM on an Infrastructure project is riddled with problems to overcome. Being responsible for implementing it on my project gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment to be making such a difference and contributing to the implementation of an industry changing tool and way of working.

Challenges -

The toughest challenge so far has been working on my own in a relatively new area of innovation that, at first, I knew nothing about. Fortunately, my Project Manager has been extremely supportive of me. At the outset we would meet multiple times a week for him to give me guidance and allow us to couple his experience with my new found knowledge to see how BIM could offer improvements on the project. Since those early days he has been more hands off giving providing me opportunity to exercise my judgment on decisions. In addition to my Project Manager I have had support from my SCE and numerous other colleagues and friends I have met throughout the business.

Why Galliford Try? -

What I think makes Galliford Try stand out in such a competitive market is its commitment to its people and how much it values its employees. The culture within the company is open allowing individuals to form healthy relationships and share knowledge with each other. Everyone I have met in the past 15 months encourages my development and is willing to help me. I feel that Galliford Try is a company that not only allows its employees to flourish but actively seeks to provide opportunities for them to – and the company share save scheme is a pretty enticing investment as well!