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Why did you choose Gattaca?

I applied online when I was hunting for Graduate jobs. I applied for another company that was slightly nearer to home, but thought that Gattaca was a better cultural fit for me.

The vibe was so much better at Gattaca and you could really feel the buzz and excitement of the sales floor when you walked in. The Internal Recruiters at Gattaca were extremely enthusiastic and gave me a realistic breakdown of what the position would involve. That honesty really sold the business to me and helped me feel at ease at how my first few months with the business would be.

What are your day to day responsibilities?

Recruitment is all about people and I really enjoy the fact that I get to get on the phone and talk to a variety of candidates and look for the best job for them. As well as spending time on the phone, I also do a lot of market research as well so have learned a lot about the Aerospace industry.

What training have you received?

There’is a lot of formal sales training and systems training, but I find that the on-desk training is extremely valuable. Being able to get that advice and support from Learning and Development and my Team Leaders is really great for helping me grow as a consultant in real-life situations rather than hypotheticals.

What are the highlights of your Gattaca career so far?

I really like the fact that I can see the success of my hard work. When I work really hard to either bring on a new client or fill a difficult job; that is always a highlight for me.

The fact that I was promoted twice in my first year with the business was an obvious highlight, that really showed me that you are recognised no matter what level you join the company at.

What challenges have you faced and how did you overcome it?

Recruitment is a people industry, so it is a lot of factors that can impact completing a deal. Withdrawals at the last stage of the candidate process are tough to overcome, but senior team leaders and our Learning and Development team give great advice and help to manage every situation.

Why do you like working at Gattaca?

I really like the size of the company, which isn’t small but does have a family-feel, and the reputation our Matchtech brand hold as the number one Engineering recruiter in the UK. That helps to open doors professionally.