City scape

What do you like about working for Gattaca?

'The biggest plus for me is the working environment (aside from the obvious commission). The people are great with good banter and the ethic is just as good with plenty of benefits on offer which makes all the graft feel worth it. Another positive is that the reputation of Matchtech as big players in the Engineering Recruitment industry makes the sales aspect a breeze as most client's already know what we're about so you can't really go wrong!'

What have you found difficult in your first 6months?

'It is initially difficult adjusting to the culture and intensity with not previously having a sales background but you soon find yourself adapting to it and it's quite exciting seeing your own progression in such a short period of time. Doesn't take long for everything to feel a bit more natural and by that point time flies by!'

What would your advice be to any grads thinking about coming into recruitment?

'Best thing to take from my first 5 months experience is to be patient; nothing happens overnight but if you stick at it, with the right attitude and work ethic you will soon see the benefits.'