Employee welfare and diversity have long been central to Gerald Eve’s business, with the firm very much at the forefront of recent initiatives to overcome barriers to diversity within the property industry. Through a series of initiatives - some in house, and other in conjunction with organisations such as LGBT campaign group Stonewall - the firm is helping to build an industry that is both truly open to people from all backgrounds, and responsive to employee difficulties.

Demonstrative of Gerald Eve’s commitment to diversifying the industry and challenging social mobility is the firm’s involvement in a number of programmes designed to promote diversity among the workforce. For Gerald Eve, widening participation starts with reaching out to more students by visiting a wider range of universities in search of future talent.

But reaching out to a wider range of potential employees is only half of the solution to overcoming barriers to diversity: to be truly open, a firm has to support employees through difficulties, and assist where possible with changes in circumstances. One such employee assistance initiative is to remove the monetary constraints of looking for somewhere suitable to live. Gerald Eve recognises that moving home within the private rented sector is competitive, and can be expensive. Affording a deposit can be a barrier to moving, and therefore a barrier to being able to make lifestyle choices. Employees can apply for a loan to meet the cost of a deposit for a rental property, paying the loan back over a period of time direct from their salary. The rental deposit scheme helps individuals to exercise greater choice in where and how they live their lives, and it complements wider efforts to support employees across socio-economic barriers.

We have a longstanding culture of openness, something that has served the firm well, but we’re always looking to see if there’s more we can do.