Attended graduate open evening, was really impressed as GE were the only firm to do this that I found. Got invited to assessment day, was offered a job the week after and I accepted the next week. Gerald Eve had the most welcoming atmosphere and were the most flexible and understanding for my needs. 

My role involves working on a huge variety of projects for a number of different partners and associates. I prepare planning notes, attend client meetings, research site histories and prepare and submit planning applications. 

RTPI training not applicable as yet since I haven’t been here long enough to enrol and start APC. 

Planning doesn’t rotate – not an issue because each project you work on is so different and gives you a whole new set of skills. My mentor and I meet once every month to catch up and she ensures that I’m getting enough varied experience. 

The highlight has been having a team that is so welcoming, and responsive and open to my needs, both educationally and personally. The firm have been so accommodating and I feel treated like a person, not a number (in contrast with other firms). I can’t talk about any of the interesting projects I’m working on because they’re all NDA’s. Generally I would say that GE work on a number of major schemes and projects with big name clients who are transforming London. If you work for Gerald Eve, be prepared to see you and your teams work in the Evening Standard! 

I’ve had some difficulties with regard to choosing a master’s course – and the firm helped me and offered me support personally and financially which has been fantastic. With workload, the firm are very conscious of managing work and all the graduates have a weekly meeting to ensure we’re not overloaded with things to do.