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8.4 / 10

(based on 15 ratings in 2016)


"I would say the firm ranks pretty highly considering the wider industry."
Graduate, London
"The firm actively engages in LGBT and similar initiatives. There's an equality-based feel."
Retail, Graduate, London
"There is a diversity committee that promotes diversity throughout the firm."
Graduate, London
"We're frequently updated on how diverse the firm is. There is a mixture of all races, genders and sexual orientations and we have a strong commitment to Women in Property. The firm has a very high retention rate, which speaks volumes about the type of company that we are."
Graduate, Cardiff
"It seems there are more men than women, but that is the nature of the business."
Midlevel, London


"Diversity with regards to women and LGBT is good. Recruitment pool has felt limited in terms of intake from variety of universities and backgrounds previously but this has improved in recent years."
Graduate, London
"The company thrives off equal opportunities and the provision of extra help and care to those who need it."
Experienced, London
"The firm has a number of women spread across all layers of the company. This includes a high number of partners and graduates that are women."
Graduate, London
"Recruitment appears to be done in a non-discriminatory fashion, good mix of socio-economic backgrounds within employees."
Graduate, London
"There is an increasing percentage of female surveyors which is good to see. Generally the firm has a diverse staff and good policies relating to child care, leave and keeping employees within the company."
Graduate, Cardiff
"I have not come across any issues with regards to diversity at the company. Generally the industry is known for being male dominated, however Gerald Eve have a large proportion of women surveyors and thoroughly promote diversity in the company."
Graduate, Manchester


"GE have recently taken on a lot of female graduates and I believe the company is diverse. As far as I am aware the recruitment of employees is dependent on their ability and personality as opposed to their gender, race or sexuality."
Graduate, London
"I feel that my team is reasonably diverse but I question diversity across the company sometimes. Particularly recruitment has seemed to be directed towards one or two universities in recent years but I am fortunate to have a fairly broad graduate intake from this year."
Graduate, London
"There is generally a good mix of employees in terms of ethnicity. There are a number of women in management roles."
Graduate, London
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