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Green Initiatives

7.1 / 10

(based on 15 ratings in 2016)


"We're committed to change in line with the industry."
Graduate, London
"Gerald Eve are always looking into sustainability as this is becoming more and more apparent in the property industry."
Graduate, Cardiff
"Everything has to be printed and stored in folders. I don't think I've heard green initiatives being discussed much, which is a shame."
Graduate, London


"Recycling is a must and every effort is taken to ensure waste is reduced."
Experienced, London
"The firm seems very keen on helping the environment. In the property market there is continuing pressure on improving the efficiency of commercial properties and Gerald Eve is the same."
Graduate, Cardiff
"Gerald Eve is keen on recycling and there are recycling bins located around the office for paper, metal and plastic materials."
Graduate, London
"The offices have to be compliant with environmentally friendly procedures, such as providing recycling points, and are checked annually by externally assessors. There are also environmental objectives updated and issued every year that must be adhered to and managed by the office administrators and facilities managers."
Graduate, Manchester


"The company is committed to energy reduction and recycling."
Graduate, London
"I'm unsure about the company's green initiatives. Double-sided printed, recycling, etc. is encouraged."
Graduate, London
"I'm aware of our certifications and we do recycle where we can. Other than that I'm unsure."
Graduate, London
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